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Mini-Innompics at What's Next? @ Singapore Air Show 2018


6-9 February 2018





Whatís Next? (WNSA)
was launched at

Singapore Airshow 2018 

as a perfect launch-pad for

innopreneurs and start-ups

to showcase their latest technologies and products to potential investors, partners and customers.

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Whatís Next? debuts at Singapore Airshow 2018 to bring together the very best in ground-breaking aerospace and defence technologies. It is the perfect launch-pad for start-ups to showcase their latest technologies and products to potential investors, partners and customers. It also presents a unique opportunity for fledging companies to explore opportunities in this key sector with access to the TOP 100 aerospace and defence companies, major airlines and government agencies from around the world.




Startups with product or technology of interest to the companies in the aviation and aerospace sectors are welcome to participate.

These sectors are some of the earliest adopter of technology, and current areas garnering great interest include:




Data analytics

Cyber Security


Artificial Intelligence

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Autonomous Systems


Autonomous Systems



Additive Manufacturing


Mini-Innompic Games at WNSA

Launched in 2017, Innompic Games icon Innompic Games help invent new great products and turn inventions to a high-growth business using advanced Innompic thinking tools.

Entrepreneurial simulation game Innovation Football is atthe core of Innompic Games. Innovation Football helps not just implement a radical project successfully, but achieve far beyond initial aspirations.

Innovation Football is easy to understand and adopt. At WNSA, selected breakthrough inventions such as superdrones, new generation energy pack, advanced defect detection technology, will be used to illustrate the effectiveness of Innovation Football and these technologies in action.



Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION

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