High-growth Business Development







Venturepreneur's Stage-by-Stage Guide

to Venture Formation


"Business is not a game for amateurs."

~ Michael Hammer

Venture Management Laws

for the New Rapidly Changing Economy


If you understand it, it's obsolete.


If it's static, it's obsolete.


If it's certified, it's obsolete.

LEAD Learn, Experiment, Adapt, Differentiate

if you wish to win in today's hyper-competitive marketplace!


Venturepreneur is an entrepreneur building a high-risk-high-return venture around a new-to-the-world product or service




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Venture Management

The Five Risks

You face five risks at every stage of your business development:

  1. Growth risk

  2. Technology & production risk

  3. Marketability & competing risk

  4. Financial risk

  5. Team & management risk

Click on your company growth stage to turn risks into opportunities!

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Product Stage





Scaling up


Continuous innovation

Funding Stage




First stage

Second stage

Third stage,

 Bridge financing

Asset-based financing


Entrepreneur: 10 Key Action Roles

8 Key Entrepreneurial Questions

Venture Financing: Key Documents To Prepare




Venturepreneur (Ten3 Mini-course)


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Venture Management - High-Growth Business development Roadmap



Venurepreneur's 88 Winning Habits

Do What You Love To Do and Make a Difference

10 Commandments of Innovation

Entrepreneurial Creativity

Innovation Is Love

Creative Problem Solving

Building a High-Growth Start-Up Firm

High-Growth Business Development: 4 Stages

2 Rules for Business Start-Ups

Business Model

New Business Models

Venture Management

Venture Management vs. Corporate Management

5 Critical Success Factors for New Ventures

"You don't get to be a senior manager in our corporation if you can't manage business at different stages of maturity." ~ Roger Ackerman

New Entrepreneurial Economy

In 2003 in United States, a staggering 61% of the listed companies were started at home, at the CEO's kitchen table, and 16% were initially capitalized with less than US$1,000. This is an inspiring evidence illustrating how much an entrepreneur can accomplish with an idea whose time has come.

Success stories such as Ehsan Bayat with his company bringing cell phones to Afghan is one of those success stories.

Of course, good ideas are not enough to turn a US$1,000 investment into a multi-million dollar enterprise. It takes execution skills venture management, entrepreneurial creativity, entrepreneurial leadership, financial management, effective marketing and luck, of course! to grow a home business to the point where it's ready to take public. Business should be driven by fun, but it is not a game for amateurs! "Ideas are a dime a dozen; only execution skills count," say your venture capital investors.

Venture Financing Process

The road map to your left will help you convert your ideas into a high-growth business.


 Venture Financing

Business Plan DOs and DON"Ts





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