Be Different

Surprise to win, think outside the box  >>>

Strive to change the name of the game introduce radical innovations  >>>

Differentiate yourself and your product  Case Studies  Innompic Games icon  >>>

Question Everything

Challenge assumptions, ask "Why?" and "What If?" questions constantly

Ask a lot of searching questions, create a culture of questioning  Case Studies

Question and reassess past decisions


Build your cross-functional expertise and systems thinking skills  >>>

Build and lead a passionate, entrepreneurial and synergistic cross-functional team  >>>

Cross-pollinate ideas, leverage diversity, create synergies  >>>

Establish the Process

Provide strategic alignment and guiding principles  Case Studies  >>>

Design a business model; establish rules, structure, and a measuring system  >>>

Encourage jazz-like improvisation within a guiding structure  >>>











Most big change and radical innovation projects fail because managerial challenges are very high.

Innoball helps you to identify your enemies, think for them, anticipate their attacks, come out with creative solutions and, ultimately, conquer the enemies on your way to a desired outcome, and achieve much more than your dreamed of.

INNOBALL - innovation foodball, brainball - how to create change successfully




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Planet of Loving Creators

Empower Yourself To Change the World

A to Z of Innovation

SOLUTION to 8 Global Challenges

Global Innovation Accelerator

Accelerated Learning for Innovators

Creation Show

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Big Challenges and Great Solutions

World's Best Innovation City  >>  Innompus

Award Winners  >>  Best Innovation Team

Song "I Have a Difference To Make!"

Mini-Innompics at Singapore Airshow

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Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book is actually a simple phenomenon. Innovation is about Love:

do what you love to do and love your customers.  >>>