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Systemic Innovation

The New Holistic Approach for the New Knowledge-Driven Economy


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It is more important for innovation to be
cross-functionally excellent than functionally excellent.

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The Arithmetic of Systemic Innovation

1 ื 0 0= 0

 1 ื 1 ื 1 = 111


The Era of Systemic Innovation

New Realities6

  • A centralized creativity center cannot significantly impact the bottom line of an organization

  • The R&D function, alone, cannot significantly affect an organization's long-term bottom line or new business development


The Jazz of Innovation

11 Practice Tips

  • Build cross-functional expertise to harness the power of diversity and discover synergies. Develop cross-functional individuals. Shuffle portfolios. Establish diverse cross-functional innovation teams... More

5 Strategies for Creating a Culture for Innovation

  • Synergize: Leverage diversity; facilitate cross-pollination of ideas; create and empower cross-functional teams... More

Innovation Management: Shift from Linear to Systemic Innovation


7 Dimensions of Strategic Innovation

Business BLISS

Balance – Leadership – Innovation – Synergy – Speed

6 Organizational Models that Support Innovation

  1. Innovation Project Team

  2. Expert Network

  3. Shared Services Organization

  4. Innovation Community of Practice

  5. Ambidextrous Organization

  6. Innovation Council... More



Business Model

6Ws of Corporate Growth

Balanced Business System

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Guiding Principles

Loose-Tight Leadership

Freedom To Fail

Noble Failure

The Virtuous Circle of Experimentation

New Realities and New Survival Strategies

In today's tidal wave of global economic, technological, and social change, the name of the game for you and your organization is survival. You are not going to survive in this new economy through technology innovation alone.

"Growing numbers at all levels believe that, to have a better chance of success, organizations need to engage the energy, creativity and intelligence of the whole workforce and involve other stakeholders, like customers, suppliers, investors and community," says Bruce Nixon9

2 Basic Business Growth Strategies

The Tree of Business Success

The New Era of Systemic Innovation

Innovation used to be a linear trajectory from new knowledge to new product. Now innovation is neither singular nor linear, but systemic. It arises from complex interactions between many individuals, organizations and their operating environment. Firms which are successful in realizing the full returns from their technologies and innovations are able to match their technological developments with complementary expertise in other areas of their business, such as enterprise-wide business process management, manufacturing, distribution, human resources, marketing, and customer service.

Innovation is not divisible – ‘good in parts’ is no good at all. Innovation systems are only as strong as their weakest links. "You can't do carpentry if you only have a saw, or only a hammer, or you never heard of a pair of pliers. It's when you put all those tools into one kit that you invent," advised Peter Drucker.

Competitive Strategies

Surprise To Win

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Holistic Approach

Innovation is the key driver of competitive advantage, growth, and profitability. There are many parts of the whole field of innovation: strategy innovation, new product development, creative approaches to problem solving, idea management, suggestion systems, etc.

All of these components are important. "Yet approaching them piecemeal will bring piecemeal results... These seemingly disparate issues must be integrated into a single overarching strategy if they are to be mobilized in the quest for growth."6 In this new era of systemic innovation, you must design your firm's innovation process holistically.

Business Growth Strategies

6Ws of Corporate Growth

To achieve sustainable corporate growth, you and your people should live the principles of  6Ws of corporate growth.

The "Six Ws" – what, why, who, when, where and how – are very powerful words. Use them constantly to seek, either from yourself or from others, the answers needed to manage effectively... More

7 Dimensions of Strategic Innovation

The Strategic Innovation framework weaves together seven dimensions to produce a range of outcomes that drive growth.

A company's Organizational Readiness may drive or inhibit its ability to act upon and implement new ideas and strategies, and to successfully manage operational, political, cultural and financial demands that will follow... More

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

The market leader is dominant in its industry and has substantial market share. If you want to lead the market, you must be the industry leader in developing new business models and new products or services. You must be on the cutting edge of new technologies and innovative business processes. Your customer value proposition must offer a superior solution to a customers' problem, and your product must be well differentiated... More

Yin and Yang of Value Innovation

Business Architect

In today's knowledge- and innovation-driven complex economy, business architects are in growing demand.  They are cross-functionally excellent people who can tie several silos of business development expertise together, lead business innovation, create synergies, design winning business models and a balanced business system and then lead people who will put their plans into action... More

Cross-Functional Teams

In strategic innovation road-mapping, the starting point for knowledge building and learning about the innovation concept is to establish a shared view of trends, disruptive technologies and other discontinuities, and related events that could shape the future. To move efforts forward, cross-functional teams, either formal or informal, need to be formed. For incremental innovation product or service development projects, a cross-functional team  typically includes a technical guru, engineer, designer, manufacturing expert, supply chain specialist, and marketing specialist. Your major suppliers and customers need also to be kept well informed of your new product/service development plans and allowed to work together to build these new solutions.


 Innovation Success 360 - download PowerPoint, pdf



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Systemic Innovation

Smart Corporate Leader

Frequently Switching Responsibilities

Trend Spotting Tips

Business Model

New Business Models

Apple's New Business Models

Sustainable Growth Strategies

6Ws of Corporate Growth

Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM)

Strategies of Market Leaders

Systemic Innovation Quotes


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