Systemic Innovation

Holistic A-Z/360 cross-functional approach





"Innovation is never about just one idea however great it is. It's a chain reaction of ideas inspired by simulation, experimentations and market learning.

The arithmetics of systemic innovators is '1+1+1=111'."

~ VadiK




Firms which are successful in realizing the full returns from their technologies and innovations approach innovation holistically, systemically, and  strategically.


Innompic Games as a Systemic-Innovation Venture





The New Era of Systemic Innovation





Today, the R&D function, alone, cannot significantly affect an organization's long-term bottom line or new business development. Neither a centralized creativity center can significantly impact the profitability of an organization. Their efforts need to be synergized between themselves as well as with relevant activities of other business departments in order to achieve strategic success.




There are many parts of the whole field of innovation: strategy innovation, new product development, creative approaches to problem solving, idea management, suggestion systems, etc.





All of these components and areas of innovation are important. "Yet approaching them piecemeal will bring piecemeal results... These seemingly disparate issues must be integrated into a single overarching strategy if they are to be mobilized in the quest for growth," says Robert B. Tucker, the author of Driving Growth Through Innovation.