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Delivering Beyond Customer Expectations


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"The biggest mistake anyone can make is to focus on the competitor. You focus on the consumer and you will get it right."  K.B.Dadiseth

"Because sages do not compete, they are unbeatable." Lao Tzu

"You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."  Steve Jobs


Create Greater Value for People Around You

To be able to help people achieve more and solve their problems in a caring value-added way, ask yourself these searching questions constantly:

  • How can I create more value for my customers?... More



10 Commandments of Innovation

  • Focus on your customer. Strive to create innovative value for your customer... More

Best Practices

Charles Schwab

Dave Pottruck, co-CEO of Charles Schwab, says that most of Schwab's huge innovations have come from asking customers questions:

  • What can we do better?

  • How can we make your life easier?

  • What new service or product would you like to see us offering?... More

Competitive Strategies

Customer Value Proposition

How To Achieve Customer Satisfaction?

The Five Rules

  • Give your customers more than they expect... More

7 Dimensions of Strategic Innovation

  • Consumer / Customer Insight understanding articulated and unarticulated needs... More

Customer-driven Innovation

Customer Listening Tips

Achieving Deep Customer Focus: 10 Breakthroughs

Customer Partnership

Winning Customers

Customer Care

Creating Customers

Make It Easy for Your Customers To Do Business with You

Value Chain Management

Add More Value for Your Customer

Best Practices

Dell Inc.: EON Solution

BlueSnap's GoGuides Contextual Help

Why Value Innovation?

Value Innovation is the search for new, radically different value curves.

Why do some companies achieve sustained high growth in both revenues and profits? In a five-year study of high-growth companies and their less successful competitors, researches3 found that the answer lies in the way each group approach strategy. The difference in approach was not a matter of managers choosing one analytical tool or planning model over another. The difference was in the companies' fundamental, implicit assumptions about strategy.

Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy

The less successful companies took a conventional approach: their strategic thinking was dominated by the idea of staying ahead of the competition. In stark contrast, the high-growth companies and market leaders paid little attention to matching or beating their rivals. Instead, they sought to make their competitors irrelevant through a strategic logic called value innovation.

What is Value Innovation?

The value innovation concept provides a relevant support for questioning product/market strategies as well as underlying assumptions. You must examine radically what constitutes real value for customers by asking fundamental questions: what value offering need to be introduced or increased to meet customer needs? what value offerings can be reduced or eliminated, because they do not constitute real value for customers?

Innovation Is Love

Innovation is actually a very simple phenomenon.

Innovation is about Love: do what you love to do and love your customers... More

Customer-driven Innovation

Customer-Driven Innovation is  not a one-time event or a slogan, it's a philosophy and a mindset.  You should live this principle daily. Observe people, live your customers' life, watch how they use your product to learn what works and what doesn't work. Encourage experimentation and risk taking. Involve everyone. Require every person, regardless of their position to spend time on customer contact and services activities. Help your employees to understand the customer's needs by involving them in listening to customer feedback after a new product launch. Ask all your employee to get on board with customer-driven innovation. Ingrain it in your operations so deeply that is becomes a part of DNA of your company... More

Customer Intimacy a New Way of Doing Business

Customer-intimate companies develop a new mindset a new way of doing business with new values, new vision, new strategies, new systems, and new structures. They are in the business of creating new value for their customers. They discover unsuspected problems, detect unrealized potential, and create a dynamic synergy with customers... More

Value Innovation in the Digital Economy

How and where companies should compete is rapidly changing in an eEconomy that has compelled organizations worldwide to re-think how best to deliver value to customers. Evolving, innovative value propositions can drive growth and create distinct competitive advantages positions of cost leadership, differentiation, or both.

Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF)

CIF is a firm continuously improving on customer value due to improvements in productivity initiated by the members of the general work force... More

Ask Searching Questions

Searching questions can help you discover new opportunities, uncover the roots of a problem, and find creative solutions to it. Open your mind to what is possible. Asking searching questions starts with challenging assumptions. Ask also your customer what they want and find common themes in response to your questioning.

The asking of searching questions should be done continuously by all levels of your organizations, but especially by corporate leaders.




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