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Cultural Intelligence & Modern Management

By: Anastasia Bibikova & Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach


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In today's globalizing world, cultural intelligence is a necessary tool for every manager who deals with diverse groups of employees, customers, partners, competitors, government, and other business players.


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Anastasia Bibikova




CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE & MODERN MANAGEMENT (Ten3 e-Book and Training): World Cultures, Managing Cultural Differences, Organizational Culture



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 Table of Contents


1. Eastern vs. Western Philosophy and Strategies

          1.1 Pearls of Wisdom

          1.2 The Wheel of Life  See the slide

2. Achievement Management

          2.1 Knowing Yourself and Others

                    2.1.1 How Our Mind Works

          2.2 Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

                    2.2.1 Making Magnificent Changes

          2.3 Consciousness

          2.4 The Power of Balance  See the slide

                    2.4.1 Yin and Yang

          2.5 Meditation

                    2.5.1 Research Findings: Key Benefits

                    2.5.2 Case Studies: Benefits to Large and Small Firms

          2.6 Leadership Lessons from East and West

3. Managing Cultural Differences

          3.1 Culture Dimension Scores for Selected Countries

                    3.1.1 Case in Point: Competitive Advantage of U.S. and Japanese Firms

                    3.1.2 Case in Point: Russian Innovators - Key Strengths and Weaknesses

                    3.1.3 Insightful Jokes

          3.2 Cross-cultural Communication

                    3.2.1 Case in Point: Ten3 Logo - Connecting with Different Cultures

          3.3 Cultural Aspects in Business Alliances

                    3.3.1 Case in Point: Value Differences between Chinese and Americans

                    3.3.2 Business Plan: American Style

                    3.3.3 Business Plan: Hindu Style

                    3.3.4 Business Plan: Taoist Style

4. Organizational Culture

          4.1 Shared Values

                    4.1.1 Case in Point: Hewlett-Packard (HP) Way

          4.2 Organizational Consciousness

                    4.2.1 Management by Consciousness and the Eastern Philosophy

          4.3 Innovation-adept Culture

                    4.3.1 How To Transform Your Business into Innovative and Creative Culture

                    4.3.2 The Fun Factor

                    4.3.3 Freedom to Fail

                    4.3.4 Case in Point: Microsoft - Creating a Knowledge Management Culture

                    4.3.5 Case in Point: Dell - Developing the Fast-Paced Flexible Culture

5. New Management Models

          5.1 New Organizational Model

                    5.1.1 Organizational Models: East vs. West

                    5.1.2 Case in Point: General Electric (GE) - Creating an Extraordinary Organization  See the slide

          5.2 Harnessing the Power of Diversity

                    5.2.1 Synergy  See the slide

                    5.2.2 Cross-functional Teams

                    5.2.3 Case in Point: Integral Management - Western  Management x Yoga

          5.3 Management Models from Different Cultures

                    5.3.1 China: "The Art of War" (Modern Applications)

                    5.3.2 India: Management by Consciousness

                    5.3.3 Japan: Kaizen - the Culture of Continuous Improvement

                    5.3.4 USA: Moving with Speed

                    5.3.5 USA: 25 Lessons from Jack Welch  See the slide

                    5.3.6 East-West Synergy: The Tao of Business - Balancing Critical Opposites

                    5.3.7 East-West Synergy: Balancing Your Life and Business Wheels

World Cultures, Philosophies and Religions

          A.1 Buddhism

                    A.1.1 Buddha

                    A.1.2 Dalai Lama

                    A.1.3 The Wheel of Life in the Buddhist Teaching

          A.2 Christianity

                    A.2.1 Jesus Christ

          A.3 Confucianism

                    A.3.1 Confucius

          A.4 Hinduism

                    A.4.1 Rama

                    A.4.2 Gain the Highest through Knowledge

          A.5 Integral Yoga

                    A.5.1 Shi Aurobindo

                    A.5.2 Yoga Approach: 10-Step Guideline for Resolving an Inner and Outer Conflict

          A.6 Islam

                   A.6.1 Muhammad

                   A.6.2 Christianity and Islam: Similarities and Differences

          A.7 Taoism

                   A.7.1 Lao Tzu

          A.8 Zen

          A.9 Sufism & Enneagram

                   A.9.1 Styles of Selected World Cultures (An Enneagram Analysis)



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Business Synergies

Cross-functional Teams

Effective Leadership

Harnessing the Power of Diversity

Innovation-adept Culture

Lessons from Jack Welch

The Tao of Business Success

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Achievement Management

Cross-cultural Differences

Cultural Intelligence

Management by Consciousness

Modern Management

New Management Models

NLP - the Technology of Achievement

Shared Values


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