Winning Customers


Synergistic Value Creation, Marketing and Selling



Creating, Winning and Retaining Customers Vadim Kotelnikov Customer Value Proposition Service-Profit Chain Customer Intimacy Customer Care Customer Care Customer Partnership Differentiation Strategies Creative Marketing Marketing Strategy Listening To Customers Observing People Creating Customer Value Value Innovation Branding Differentiation Strategy Effective Communication Influencing People Sales Success Relationship Marketing and Selling Persuading People Closing the Deal Retaining Customer Customer Service Customer Relationship Management Customer Satisfaction Ten3 Business e-Coach: global success Synergy Customer-driven Innovation Marketing Strategy Mix How to Become an Irresistible Sales Communicator Customer Success 360: Creating Customer Value, Marketing,  Selling, Retaining Customer, Customer Partnership, Customer Intimacy

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Six Chapters

  1. Customer-focused Corporate Strategies

  2. Creating Innovative Customer Value

  3. Marketing Strategies

  4. Effective Selling and Related People Skills

  5. Retaining Customers

  6. Growing Together

Sample Slides



The Tree of Business Creating Customer Value           Value Innovation Yin and Yang Creating Customer Value Tailoring New-to-the-world Product Development Vadim Kotelnikov Quotes Coaching Customers Observing People Listening to Customers Customer Satisfaction Advertising The Tao of Business Success The Power of Balance Entrepreneurial Creativity Leading by Serving Measuring Customer Satisfaction Retaining Customers Radical Innovation Henry Ford Quotes Value Innovation: The TAO of VALUE INNOVATION (Yin and Yang) - Adapting To Customer Needs and Introducing Revolutionary Products


Creative Marketing Creative Marketing: Stand Out From the Crowd of Competitors          Sales Success Customer Value Proposition Building Trust Be Different and Make a Difference Closing Sales Synergy Unique Selling Point (USP) Establishing Rapport Differentiation Strategies Ten3 Business e-Coach: global success Effective Selling - SYNERGISTIC SELLING: Sell Yourself, Sell Your Company, Sell Your Product



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Winning Customers


100 Slides +

100 half-page Executive Summaries

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