Your People Skills


Understand, Communicate, Build Relationships, Lead and Coach People Effectively



People Skills Knowing People Building Relationships Communicating Leading Coaching Your People Skills: Smart & Fast Mini-course

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Вy: Vadim Kotelnikov

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Five Chapters

  1. Creating Value, Building Relationships, Influencing

  2. Knowing People and Cultural Intelligence

  3. Communicating

  4. Leading

  5. Coaching

Sample Slides



Success360.comVadim KotelnikovYin and Yang of CommunicationYour People SkillsCreate Greater Value for People Around YouCreate Greater Value for People Around YouEffective ListeningAsking Effective QuestionsHow To Speak So That People ListenBuilding RelationshipsConnecting With PeopleBuilding TrustEstablishing RapportInfluencing PeopleEmpathyPersuading PeopleCoachingLeader 360Inspirational LeadershipEnergizing PeopleEmpower OthersTen3 BUSINESS e-COACH: global successPEOPLE SKILLS 360: Creating Value for People Around You, Communicating, Building Relationships, Influencing People, Leading          Influencing PeopleKnowing PeopleEmotional Intelligence (EI)Effective ListeningObserving PeopleThe Power of AttitudeEstablishing RapportAsking Searching QuestionsPersuading PeopleThe Tao of LeadershipCoachingPeople InspiringEnergizing PeopleMotivatingVadim KotelnikovTen3 Business e-Coach: global customersTen3 Business e-Coach at 1000ventures.comCompassion QuotesYin and YangThe Tao of Influencing Peopls - How To Influence People


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Every slide is provided with a half-page Executive Summary





Your People Skills


40 Slides +

40 half-page Executive Summaries

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