Dr. VadiK

the inventor and founder of Business e-Coaching, Emfographics, InnoBall (Innovation Brianball),
KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT),
Planet of Loving Creators, and intellectual Innompic Games for creative entrepreneurs

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Strategic Creativity KoRe knowledge hack  

Inspiring, inpowering, energizing!


Value Innovation emfographic

KoRe A-to-Z sets

Emphographics-powered rapid learning






Amazing Thinker 360

Result-oriented Communication

  Subconscious Thinking - how to think much faster and better



Innovation Brainball (InnoBall)

Entrepreneurial Attributes

Happy Business

Innovation Process

Marketing Rainbow

Digital Marketing

  Happy Business mini-course self-learning slide deck for teachers Dr. VadiK