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Manage, Click, Learn 2009

 100 Best e-Learning Websites (free e-book)

By: Manage Train Learn

Ten3 Business e-Coach starts the list of  Top 100: Best e-Learning Websites

100 Best e-Learning Websites: MANAGE, CLICK, LEARN 2009 (free e-book - download)Top 100 e-Learning Websites

By: Eric Garner, Manage Train Learn

ManageTrainLearn, have published the compilation of the very best e-learning websites and the Links to the Best Management Sites Around since 2003.

"Manage, Click, Learn! 2009" is the brand new edition of our annual update of the top 100 management and personal development sites on the Internet – chosen for the quality and quantity of FREE learning material on offer.

Not only are these sites great to visit, but you'll find enough original and exciting learning material in them to last you till 2010.

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Ten3 Business e-Coach

1000ventures.com, 1000advices.com, success360.com

What a great way to start this compilation!

This site is the brainchild of Vadim Kotelnikov who describes his Ten3 Business e-Coaching site as “the world’s number 1 inspirational business e-coaching resource”.

It links to two of his other sites at www.1000advices.com and www.success360.com.

The first impression you get of each site is the bright primary colours of the different models and the huge amount of information packed in. It reminded me of an interactive mind map.

Don’t ask me what’s here because the answer is, Everything. And lots of fascinating original stuff too. I was particularly attracted to models called “The Jazz of Innovation” and “The Tao of Business Success”.

In fact, there’s so much that it’s the sort of site you reserve for a rainy Sunday afternoon when there’s not much else to do. It’s sure to brighten up your day.


Summary of Free Resources:

  • colourful and original models of management

  • series of colourful hyper-slides

  • original ideas, connections, and advice.

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100 Best e-Learning Websites: MANAGE, CLICK, LEARN 2009 (free e-book - download)