Continous Improvement Firm (Smart & Fast Mini-course) Creating Customer Value Kaizen (micro-course) Suggestion Systems Areas Targeted by TQM in Japan Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM) Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF)  - Smart & Fast Mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov (PowerPoint presentations download)

        Continuous Improvement Firm


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Toyota, Canon, GE, Dell, Fidelity Investments, Pentel, Fun4Biz, Kobayashi Kose


Smart & Fast Mini-course

By: Vadim Kotelnikov

Founder, Ten3 Business e-Coach Inspiration and Innovation Unlimited!


60 PowerPoint Slides


60 half-page Executive Summaries


I. The Big Picture

  1. Corporate Growth Strategies

  2. Japanese-style Process-oriented Management

  3. Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF): Definition and Positioning

  4. 3 Basic Principles of Continuous Improvement

  5. Lessons from Jack Welch: Involve Everyone

  6. Create a Culture of Questioning

  7. Cross-functional Management

  8. Lessons from Michael Dell: Turn Your Customers Into Teachers

II. Kaizen

  1. Job Functions as Perceived by Japanese Managers

  2. Kaizen: 5 Underpinning Principles

  3. Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) Culture: 3 Pillars

  4. Kaizen Mindset

  5. Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) Culture: 8 Key Elements

  6. 5Ss

  7. 5Ss at Canon

  8. Quick and Easy Kaizen: 6 Steps

  9. Fidelity Investments: Kaizen and Employee Empowerment

  10. Fidelity Investments: Practicing Kaizen

  11. Kaikaku and Kaizen

  12. 10 Kaikaku Commandments

  13. Kaizen and Radical Innovation

  14. Effective Kaizen Implementation: 3 Principles

  15. 7 Conditions for Successful Implementation of Kaizen Strategy

III. Suggestion Systems

  1. Japanese Suggestion System: Goals and Benefits

  2. Japanese Suggestion System: Main Subjects and Philosophy

  3. Canon Production System (CPS): 6 Guidelines

  4. GE Work-Out

  5. GE Work-Out: 7 Steps

  6. Fun4Biz: IT –powered Idea Management and Suggestion System

  7. Fun4Biz Suggestion Systems: Improving People

  8. Fast Idea Evaluation Techniques

IV. Problem Solving Techniques

  1. 4 Levels of Problem Solving

  2. Continuous Improvement: Using 80/20 Principle

  3. PDSA Cycle

  4. 5-Why Method

  5. Work Backward Strategy

  6. Problem Solving Process at Toyota: A3 Methodology and 7-Step Process

  7. STRIDES: A Model for Solving Complex Problems

  8. Ask the Right Question

  9. Creative Problem Solving: Reframing and Turning Problems Into Opportunities

  10. The Virtuous Circle of Improvement

VI. Process Improvement

  1. Lean Production – Doing More With Less

  2. Toyota Production System (TPS)

  3. 3 Broad Types of Waste

  4. 7 Wastes To Be Eliminated

  5. Canon Production System (CPS): Objectives and Three Basic Structures

  6. Canon Production System (CPS): 6 Elements

  7. Canon Production System (CPS): 9 Wastes To Be Eliminated

  8. Canon Production System (CPS): A Model Workshop

  9. Fidelity Investments: Process Management & Improvement (PMI)

VI. Total Quality Management (TQM)

  1. Customer's Perception of Quality

  2. Total Quality Management (TQM): Definition and Positioning

  3. Kaizen and TQM: Japan vs. West

  4. Japanese-style Customer-Oriented TQM

  5. Areas Targeted by TQM in Japan

  6. Deming’s 14 Point Plan for TQM

  7. Japanese TQM Model

  8. 14 Slogans for TQM at Pentel

  9. Successful Implementation of TQM: Lessons from Kobayashi Kose

  10. Eight Rules for Managing Quality

 Sample Slides


Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF) The Three Basic Principles of Continuous Improvement Kaizen 3 Basic Principles of Continous Improvement: Kaizen, Challenge, Go and See

Kaizen Culture: 3 Pillars Continuous Improvement Culture: 8 Key Elements Kaizen Mindset Customer Care Quality Control Circles Suggestion System Total Quality Management (TQM) Kaizen Culture, Continuous Improvement Culture: 8 Key Elements

Japanese Suggestion System Suggestion Systems Fun4Biz Suggestion System Fun4Biz Suggestion System Setlana Mitina's Profile


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Continuous Improvement Culture Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF)



        Continuous Improvement Firm

60 PowerPoint Slides +

60 half-page Executive Summaries

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