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1. Balancing Your Life Wheel and Character

Balancing Your Wheel of Life

The Power of Balanced Wheel in the Eastern Philosophy

Balance – a Key Element of a Happy Life  See the slide

All-Inclusive Love

Happiness 360: the Three Loves

Ten3 Global Survey: Mental Attitude Is a Key To Happiness

NLP Technology of Achievement: Balancing Your Wheel of Life

Life-Business Synergy

Character and Personality of Highly Effective People

Great Achiever: 8 Winning Habits

NLP Technology of Achievement: Four Basic Principles of Excellence

Be a Winner!

Ability = Attitude ื Knowledge Skills

Turning Your Abilities into Effective Habits

Buddha's Path to Liberation

10-Step Yoga Approach to Effective Conflict Resolution

Fast Meditation – Enjoy Results Within Two Minutes

Wise Listening 360

2. Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Steve Jobs: Do What You Love To Do and Make a Difference

The Wheel of Personal Success

Identify Your Life's Vision

Create an Inspiring Vision

The Taoist Formula of Success

COCA Principle of Achievement

80/20 Thinking: How To Achieve More With Less

Time Management^ Using 80/20 Principle

Winners vs. Losers

Find Your True Passion

The Power of Passion

The Tao of Achievement

Positive Mindset

Make Decisions Quickly

How To Overcome Procrastination

Take Action  See the slide

Learn Continuously

Effective Learning

Learning, Forgetting, and Effective Memorizing

5 Keys To Remembering

NLP – Psychology of Excellence and Technology of Achievement

NLP Technology of Achievement: Starting Change with Yourself

Hierarchy of Personal Goals

Setting Effective Goals

NLP Technology of Achievement: Creating Inevitable Success

Achieving Your Goals: 4 Attitudes ื 4 Steps

The Power of Attitude

Self-Motivation  See the slide

Virtuous Circle of Continuous Growth

Turning Failures Into Opportunities

Systems Thinking

Creativity: Synergy of Skills, Resources and Motivation

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Intertwined Pillars

Never Give Up

Creative Problem Solving (CPS): Reframing  See the slide

How To Turn Problems To Opportunities

3. Mastering Your People Arts and Skills

The Role of Your People Skills

Strive To Make People Happier

Create Greater Value for People Around You

Win-Win Mindset

The Tao of Building Relationships

The Tao of Influencing People

The Tao of Communication

 4. Knowing People

Understanding People's Perceptions: Map is Not the Territory

Perceptual Positions

Mental Maps

Ten3 Global Survey: Most People Prefer to Talk To Great Listeners

The Wheel of Life in the Eastern and Western Philosophy  See the slide

The Tao of Cultural Intelligence

5. Leadership and Coaching

Leader 360  See the slide

Leading By Example

Building and Inspiring Confidence

Effective Coaching: Definition and the Keys to Success  See the slide

The Tao of Coaching

Coach 360

Coaching Yourself

Sample Smart & Fast Lessons  

Slide + Executive Summary


Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Your Life Vision Turn Failures Into Success Vadim Kotelnikov Confucius quotes Learning quotes Your Way To Success: 5 Strategies Persistence quotes Change Yourself Committment quotes Taking Action The Wheel of Personal Success Happy Victor Emfographics Vadim Kotelnikov The WHEEL of PERSONAL SUCCESS: Inspiring Vision, Learning, Willingness To Change, Taking Action, Persistence


Your Inspirational Vision

What is your purpose in life? Build inspirational details into your vision. Be realistic, explicit, and creative. Focus on heroes. Who are three people you admire and respect the most, and why? What are their qualities that you most admire?

See yourself the way you want to be. What skills and special qualities do you possess that will help make you successful? What are the qualities you would want most to create the perfect you? What can you do right now to act more like the person you wish to be?

The Biggest Success Secret: Continuous Learning

Life is about continuous learning, discovering new things, and growing. Successful people don't think they know everything. They are open to new ideas. They are always willing to find another way, find a better solution. That's why they're successful.  Don't think you know everything and be open to learning and trying new things if you wish to achieve more, create new things, grow, be successful and live the life you want.

Willingness To Change

"I used to say, 'I sure hope things will change.' Then I learned that the only way things are going to change for me is when I change," says Jim Rohn. The best place to start change is with yourself. NLP Technology of Achievement suggests the following Four Empowering Beliefs that will help you implement your personal change program: (1) 'I enjoy new ideas'; (2) 'I have an open mind'; (3) 'I know I can change'; and (4) 'I've learnt so much before, and I use every opportunity to learn more‘.

Take Action

Edward Rickenbacker gives you a six-word formula for success: "Think things through – then follow through". Losers are afraid to go after what they want because it would force them to stretch their comfort zones. Successful people aren't free of fear and worry; they move forward in spite of it. They've learnt how to motivate themselves and get themselves to take action.



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