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Our Cause

To build a global Virtual Venture Valley (VVV) inspiring and enabling rapid growth of innovative enterprises.

On this crusade, we pioneered:

Our Vision

To establish a caring and inspiring virtual work environment for innovative individuals, firms, and organizations that will enable them to build cross-national trust networks and partnerships, develop creative business solutions, and implement them with a speed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide continuous high-value services to inventors, innovative firms and innovation catalysts globally. We develop and provide superior IT-enabled services ourselves and also help our international counterparts develop customized area-specific e-services and integrate them into the global Technology e-ncubate, e-nnovate, e-nvest (Ten3) network. We do it as a team and in partnership with international players who share our vision, goals, and values.

Our Goals

Our Objectives

  • To build an international venture community with advanced mutual understanding and trust through developing specialized e-coaching services to both entrepreneurs and investors and

  • To develop state-of-the-art and easy-to-use customized project management workspaces that would enable fast and streamlined implementation of cross-national projects online by geographically dispersed partners

  • To develop Master of Business Synergies (MBS) e-courses, version 2003, and start providing both online and offline training services to business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and investors

  • To provide free e-coaching service to at least 5,000 people every day by 2004, and

  • To build an international resource network of partners who would provide value-added complementary expertise in developing future versions of Ten3 solutions

Our Plans

  • To develop a state-of-the art comprehensive Ten3 portal for high-growth firms with global or cross-regional operations

  • To develop national Ten3 portals for high-growth firms in selected countries, including New Zealand, Russia, and United States

  • To provide advisory and consultancy services to our partners and clients who develop or would like to develop regional, national or area-specific Ten3 portals

  • To develop interactive business e-coaching service online and value-added e-coach on CD-ROMs

  • In partnership with specialized organization and based on the Business e-Coach, to develop strategic and tactic business games for corporate managers, e.g. competitive war games, strategic road-mapping, or teamwork.

  • In cooperation with our current and future international partners, to establish an international Ten3 Association whose members would identify themselves with Ten3 high level quality of service and work towards facilitating cross-national cooperation among innovative firms.

Our Services

We can help you, your organization, your industry,  your region, and/or your country to get and stay on the top through building-up your:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Entrepreneurship environment

  • Relentless innovation and growth system

Our Free e-Services


In cooperation with our global partners:

Business e-Coach

We are managing 1000ventures.com - the web-site that pioneered the global Ten3 network and provides free inspiring business e-coaching services to more than 5,000 people from more than 70 countries every day (see their "Thank-you" notes). We analyze continuously the visitors statistics, define which parts of the business e-coach attract visitors' attention most and, based on this feedback, develop strategic directions of its relentless development for the future.

Master of


Synergies (MBS)


Responding to the challenges of the new knowledge economy and the era of rapid change, growing entrepreneurship, and systemic innovation, we pioneered and develop the innovative Master of Business Synergies (MBS) e-courses (see slide show):




We are developing Project Management e-coach that applies two fundamentally different approaches to incremental and radical innovation projects:

  1. Project Administration - traditional; focuses on finding solutions within given constraints (output, time, and budget); effective when duration of the project - or the time required to innovate - is shorter than the rate of change in the business environment.

  2. Business Synergies - new; focuses on adding value to the organization and maximizing return on investment; effective for managing innovation projects in the rapidly changing environment, where change cycle is shorter than or equal to the duration of the project

Our Fee-based Services


  • Development and franchising of a customized Ten3 portal - a Virtual Venture Valley (VVV) - for your geographical area or industrial sector and its integration into the Global Virtual Venture Valley. We can also assist you in managing your Ten3 portal to ensure its continuous improvement and long-term competitiveness.

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  • In-company training programs based on our revolutionary Business e-Coach and tailored to the requirements of your organization (see details)

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Joint Venture Opportunities 2007

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Establishing regional Master of Business Synergies (MBS) training centers. Prospective partners would have established operations and experience in providing IT-enabled business management training services


e-Coaching &


Developing interactive business e-coaching and e-learning service online and on CD-ROMs based on the Ten3 Business e-Coach. Prospective partners would have technology and established commercial operations in the field interactive e-learning



Developing business e-games, e.g. competitive war games, strategic road-mapping, or teamwork, for corporate managers and would-be-managers based on the Ten3 Business e-Coach. Prospective partners would have technology and established operation in the field of intelligent computer games and/or business e-simulations.


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