The fintech realm is growing at a faster speed than ever before and there are various issues that are changing in the key markets. Fintech companies take over 30% of revenue in the financial services markets.

Regulation and involvement of authorities in the tech scene are issues that are also expected to dominate the year.




For a young and thriving industry like Fintech, all the different issues in the market are instrumental to the kind of vibrancy that will define the startup scene.


Getting Funding for Your Startup




Here are examples of high-growth fintech startups





Circle Inc. aims at revolutionizing the realm of digital money. The company is a peer-to-peer platform that connects people around the world who are interested in sending and receiving money seamlessly. The company has been expanding its capabilities to become a common phenomenon in social media and among mobile users. Apart from its initial funding, the company has seen incremental funding successes, with one of the capital injections being in the tune of $100 million.




Receipt Bank. One of the key issues that define the fintech startup scene is the development of a diverse range of platforms. There are currently startups that are able to identify forex scams, remove the need for paper documentation and even improve the safety of transactions. Receipt Bank is a startup that replaces normal bookkeeping with cloud-based bookkeeping. The startup has been able to help various businesses achieve their goals by having access to a fast and convenient means of keeping records.

TrueLayer. When it comes to supporting other startups, TrueLayer is a good platform. This startup is undoubtedly a unique player in the market. The startup was founded with the sole mission of helping startups access banking data. Many startups often face challenges during their initial years as they cannot find a reliable source of such data. Because of its uniqueness in the market, the startup has attracted funding to the tune of $7.5 million.

Trussle. Fintech startups have defined the tech and financial markets. They are not just restricted to these two markets though. As Trussle has shown, it is possible for fintech startups to venture into challenging markets like the mortgage market. The startup has hit the mortgage market by storm. The company came out with thousands of deals available for consumers. The startup allows consumers to monitor the market and to get the best deals at the right time.




Monzo. There are not many unicorn startups that have ventured into the banking market a number of years ago and it has redefined the market. The startup has received huge backing and support ever since it came into the scene. The 3-years-old startup had various accolades under its wings and over a million customers when it exceeded the valuation of 1 billion.


Getting Funding for Your Startup

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The startups market is still very vibrant. Many startups are still popping up in the fintech world. With most startups coming to the market with digital business plans, the market is still very responsive to new and innovative ideas.

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