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Motor Insurance for New Drivers: What To Know



According to research by the road safety charity – BREAK - only one eighth of drivers on Britain’s roads are under the age of 35, but as many as one quarter of drivers involved in collisions and other accidents are in this age group. Another statistic tells us that male drivers under the age of 21 are ten times more likely to have a car accident than those aged 35 or over. Such figures exemplify the kind of evidence persuading insurance companies to charge young drivers some of the highest premiums around. Here are some tips for drivers new to the road on how to cut costs.

Firstly, young drivers should perhaps aim to earn a no claims discount on their car insurance policies. Some companies like Co Operative actually offer up to a 70% no claims discount when you buy; a reduction in the premium when it is time for the insurance policy to be renewed. To earn the discount, you should always follow the Highway Code, stay free of any speeding tickets and avoid clamping fines. Showing that you are a consistently cautious driver, who obeys rules, will foreground your reliability, convincing your insurance company that your involvement in an accident is unlikely.

Secondly, it is a wise move to keep up with any studying! Insurers and brokers, including such companies as AA car insurance, offer discounts of up to 35% off the first year’s premium for young drivers who take the standard Pass Plus Test. This is an exam that you take after the initial driving test to improve your skills in advanced observation and hazard awareness. It involves six practical modules that provide you with extra experience in driving in towns, rural lanes, on dual carriageways and in difficult weather conditions. The Pass Plus Test costs £120 for a minimum of six hours tuition. It may seem like a superfluous expense, but this really would be money well-spent.

Lastly, drivers who buy smaller cars with a low engine size can significantly reduce insurance costs. Rather than the slow and expensive task of telephoning different insurers, there are a multitude of online databases that compare quotes from a range of firms that can help drivers work out which brand and size of car may have cheaper first year premiums. Fitting your car with an alarm and immobiliser will convince your insurer that not only are you safety-aware, but also that your car is less likely to be stolen, factors which will encourage him to settle for a lower insurance charge.

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