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Getting others to do something because they want to do it


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Yin and Yang of Motivation

Fear and Desire  >>>

9 Signs of a Losing Organization

❺  Lack of Initiative: poor motivation and encouragement; people do not feel their contributions make a difference; management fails to engage the organization effectively; people work defensively and not creatively, they do their job, and nothing more.... More

Managerial Communication

Motivating: Motivate people through communicating your strategic direction, encouraging and praising people for their achievements... More

Communicating: Manage emotions and efforts of your Team Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book. Keep your people in the know. Having decided to change the strategic direction, explain them the reasons.... More

  Creativeness Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book often consists of turning on what is already there and helping a person to awaken his / her inner genius Kore 10 Tips.

To turn people on, you must, first, find out what they really want, and then, show them how to get it and provide motivational coaching... More

You Get What You Reward Case Studies

Don't presume the the employees will stretch themselves to do what you wish for, hope for or beg for.

The greatest management principle is that the things that get rewarded get done... More

Incentive Motivation

A successful incentive program will not only increase profits but can also raise morale and inspire staff loyalty.

Your program should include all the three greatest incentives: empowering people to do the thing you enjoy doing,  recognition in all its various forms, and money... More

 Inspirational Leadership: 10 Roles

Inspirational leaders create an inspiring culture within their organization. They supply a shared vision and inspire people to achieve more than they may ever have dreamed possible. They are able to articulate a shared vision in a way that inspires others to act.

People do what they have to do for a manager, they do their best for an inspirational leader... More

Motivational Coaching

Help the player to create and inspiring vision of how well he/she could perform.

Urge the player to take the first step towards his/her vision and learn from feedback... More

The Jazz of Innovation

Reward idea generation. People want to know their ideas make a difference.

Recognition and rewards motivate and encourage people to participate and make quality contributions. They also demonstrate management commitment to the innovation program and to the employees... More




Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

To motivate your people, find the right fit for every person and help them grow!

Vadim Kotelnikov

Michael Dell advice

Mobilize your people around a common goal. Help them feel a part of something genuine, special, and important.

Michael Dell

Dell Inc.

Steve Jobs advice quotes

My job is to not be easy on people.

My job is to make them better.

Steve Jobs


Jack Welch advice business quotes

Provide rewards

for the soul and for the wallet.

Jack Welch


Akio Morita advice quotes Sony

From a management standpoint, it is very important to know how to unleash people's inborn creativity.

Akio Morita


Konosuke Matsushita advice quotes

By paying more attention to employees' strengths, you would be more likely to think of ways to put those strengths to good use.

Konosuke Matsushita

Bill Gates advice

Pick good people,
use small teams,
give them excellent tools.

Bill Gates


Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

A paycheck and a stock option will buy one kind of loyalty. But nothing can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, sincere words of praise.

Sam Walton






Benefits of Environmentally Sound Technologies (ESTs)

  • Increased staff motivation and productivity due to improved working conditions... More

Balanced Organization

5 Basic Elements

Performance Management (Water):

The Tao of Employee Empowerment

  • Yin: Help your people to get rid of "employee" mentality

  • Yang: Inspire, challenge imagination... More

Corporate Culture

Strategies for Building a Growth Culture

  • Reward collective, not individual, successes, but maintain clear individual accountabilities and keep heroes visible... More

12 Effective Leadership Roles

  1. Be enthusiastic; inspire and energize people; create a positive work environment... More









12 Major Causes of Failure in Leadership

Six Attributes of Successful CEOs

  • Creating, Communicating and Executing a Clear Vision, Goals and Strategy. An executive's success is affected by the ability to communicate a vision for a company's future, helping employees to navigate through change and motivating them to achieve specific goals... More

 Case in Point  Canon

The six guidelines of the Canon's Suggestion System are:

  1. Use competition and games to arouse interest, such as displaying individual achievement charts... More

Humorous Business Plan: How To Succeed In Innovation

Growth Risk: "The more you measure and motivate based on innovation, the less likely you will have a truly innovative culture." Stephen Shapiro... More


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