Project Management:

Traditional Approach

CORE Approach to Project Management


Source: Getting Started in Project Management, Paula Martin and Karen Tate


CORE Project Management Method (CORE PM)

Collaborate It can be used in a participatory mode with project teams

Open architecture It can be used with any type of project, in any type of organization

Result oriented It will help you produce successful projects that satisfy the customer

Easy to use The step-by-step approach makes it easy to follow

Project Management Stages



Issues List


Scope Description

Customer Acceptance Criteria

Scope Boundaries

Stakeholder Form

Sub-project Tree

Responsibility Matrix

Risk Assessment


Project Plan Document

Lessons-Learned List


Assigning Tasks

Tracking Progress

Monitoring the Environment

Formal Change Management

Risk Management

Communicating Progress

Evaluating Performance

Reviewing Issues List

Preparing Status Report

Closing Out

Final Evaluation

Customer Interview

Final Status Report

Lessons Learned


Close Out Report