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Virtual Teams: Best Practice

The study is based on a sample of 54 teams in 26 companies who rarely if ever met as a whole face-to-face.


“Far-flung” virtual teams are more productive than their face-to-face counterparts
if they keep three practices:

They exploit diversity. The team can't just be diverse; it has to make the most of it. The best teams credit their creative breakthroughs to challenging people from different disciplines, cultures, and the like to come up with something better together >>>

They use pretty simple technology to simulate reality. By today’s standards, what they use is not very complicated. More than 80% of the teams use teleconference calls and shared websites. Only a third used video conferencing.

They hold the team together. It takes a lot of communication. Some leaders spent as much as a third of their time just on the phone with team members.