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Innompics vs. Olympics, Talk Shows and Social Networks

①  Innompics vs. Olympics

Olympic Games focus on showcasing physical capabilities.
Innompic Games focus on showcasing intellectual capabilities
aimed at creation of innovative value for others.

Olympic Games allow millions of spectators to watch athletes perform.
Innompic Games help millions of spectators become “intellectual athletes
by learning from others and participating in various web-based contests.

Innompics vs. Talk Shows

Innompic Games are also a show, but they're not about just talking, they are about creating.
It's a Creation Show that engages spectators in the process of changing the World.  >>>

③  Innompic Games vs. Social Networks

Social networks are “horizontal” – they help millions of people communicate.
Innompic Games are “vertical” – they help millions of people grow.



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Innompic Games is a civilizational breakthrough
that helps create breakthrough innovations and
celebrates the smartest disruptive innovators.

The slogan 'Play at home, shine globally'
differentiates Innompics ‒ Olympic web games for innovators ‒ from traditional venue-tied Olympic games.


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Innompic Games vs. Hackathons

Hackathons and similar widespread invention-focused events and contests are aimed at inventing something new.
While Innompic contests start with inventing a new great product,
they go further through
commercializing the invention by building a high-growth venture.

Innompic Games and Fun4Biz vs. Other Social Networks

While other social networks like Facebook and Google+ focus on helping people socialize, Innompic Games and Fun4Biz have different mission and core competencies. They help people ‒ both active participants and spectators ‒ grow their capabilities for inventiveness, entrepreneurial creativity Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.