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Business e-Coach Business e-Coach

Invented in 2001, Ten3 Business e-Coach has customers all around the World and licensed trainers in 50+ countries. To create greater value for diverse groups of users, I have gradually built a synergistic network of diversified e-coaching sites. Each site focuses on a chosen set of life values and/or business interests.

Together with partners, we synergized e-Coach and Cimcoin to create further value for people and build an amazing an joyful e-world CimJoy... More

Case Studies BP Partners with Schlumberger To Develop a New Tool

British Petroleum wished to measure the effectiveness of their horizontal well drilling processes, but there was no available device to do so. BP pooled their intellectual and financial resources with Schlumberger, the oil field services company, to build such a tool. The result was that BP got a tool that has taught them a lot about making horizontal wells even more effective, and Schlumberger got a new business... More


Why Diversification?

The two principal objectives of diversification are

  1. improving core process execution, and/or

  2. enhancing a business unit's structural position.

The fundamental role of diversification is for business architects to create value for stockholders in ways stockholders cannot do better for themselves. The additional value is created through synergistic integration of a new business into the existing one thereby increasing its competitive advantage >>>



Capitalize on Your Core Competencies

Your company's core competencies things that you can do better than your competitors  can often be extended to products or markets beyond those in which they were originally developed. Such extensions represent excellent opportunities for diversification.

Case Studies Google

Google acquires innovative companies to diversify Into new areas or to add value to existing technologies and services.



Google acquired over 100 companies based in USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK. Thanks to these acquisitions the company created new profitable businesses as context advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, Internet-boutiques and business e-mail... More

The Tree of Online Success

Case Studies GE

Jack Welch transformed GE from a purely manufacturing company into a more diversified company with an increasingly important service component. In his 1996 annual report, Welch wrote: "Services is so great an opportunity for the Company that our vision for the next century is GE that is 'a global service company that also sells high-quality products.'" When asked if GE was going to become a more product-oriented or service-oriented company, Welch replied, "It's got to be a big combination... It's an integrated game."