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Managing in the New Era of Rampant Change
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Rapid change that is sweeping through every aspect of business today requires managers to rethink the way they do things constantly. You must be able to manage change in both reactive and proactive manner.



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The traditional management model that is geared to a rigid structure and command-and control mentality is not enough to get the job done any more.

The traditional management model was well tailored to an environment where change was slow and evolutionary rather than rapid and revolutionary. It helped develop hierarchical structures, organize processes and foster a sense of order, discipline, and accountability. What it lacks is flexibility making the company irresponsive to continuous external and internal changes. Once reliable guides for managerial action no longer exist because every assumption, system, process, and procedure is being challenged, reinvented, and morphed into a new form.



Great managerial skills today are not about what you know, but about how quickly you can adapt to constant changes, and how you can create changes proactively if you want to stand out from the competition.

Radical Improvements of existing practices can help you enhance efficiency and succeed on the operational level.

On a higher level, you must act as an Entrepreneur Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and create new business models rethink, re-plan, strategize, Innovate Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, and learn continuously. You must also build new capabilities and core competencies to capitalize on new high-potential  Opportunities.




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