Financial Innovation





Financial innovation is the process of creating new financial or investment products, services, or processes. Financial innovation comes, in particular, via advances in financial instruments, technology, payment systems, risk management,  credit and equity generation.




Digital technology has helped to transform the financial services industry, changing how we save, borrow, invest, and pay for goods. These innovations have increased the number of financial providers available to consumers, borrowers, and businesses.

Major financial innovations have come in the raising of equity capital, remittances, and mobile banking.




Examples of Innovative Financial Services

Large banks continue to invest in mobile banking and institutional innovation.

FinTech companies, like Stripe, help small businesses conduct online payments.

Investment brokers, like Robinhood, seek to simplify and democratize investing and finance



Disruptive Financial Services

Banking as a Service

Sustainable Finance

 e-Learning of Sustainable Finance





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Areas that financial innovation is transforming

Mobile Banking

Baking as a Service (BaaS)

Investment Crowdfunding



Robotic Process Automation (PRA)