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I don't teach, I inspire!

Nobel Prize Word 1st online business education site e-Coach by Vadim Kotelnikov

Yes, it was me who invented inspirational Business e-Coach and launched the World's 1st comprehensive free business learning website in 2001. Being the first to market, Business e-Coach became popular quickly and inspired millions of people globally.



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Business e-Coach does not compete with traditional education. It is a creative chaos environment that nurtures cross-functional excellence and inspires entrepreneurial creativity, systemic innovation and business synergies.

Business e-Coach − together with my Innoball simulation game and Innompic University (Innompirsity) − incubates innovative and entrepreneurial World changers.




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Ready-To-Use PowerPoint Slides
for Teachers / Trainers / Consultants

Web-based Business e-Coach is free.

Additionally we offer smart 8 fast educational packages to human resource developers and speakers who want to stand out by helping others to grow as innovative and entrepreneurial World changers.





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Whatever you achieved so far, you can achieve millions times more! Awaken your inner genius!

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