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7 Best Spots for a Date in Tenerife





Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands, as well as the most visited island by tourists. Thanks to its stunning black and gold beaches, an active volcano, its unique ecological diversity, and its charming cities over cliffs, it is not surprising that this is the most popular island among the Canary Islands.

If you want to have a date, you can do many things in Tenerife together.

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1. Orotava Valley

The Orotava Valley is almost immediately adjacent to the chain of peaks of Las Cañadas, which when viewed from a height forms an almost perfect square. Orotava appeared due to the descent of fossilized lava rocks, the remains of which bend around the eastern and western extremities of the valley. Today, the former stronghold of the conquistadors is the unspoken capital of the valley, which is dotted with hiking trails.



2. Loro Parque

Do you know after first date rules? One of them states that the date should leave pleasant memories. And Loro Parque will definitely help you with this. Translated from Spanish “loro” is a parrot. Initially, this place was a park of parrots. Today Loro Parque is one of the most visited places in Tenerife with the world’s largest variety of parrots, penguins, an aquarium with sharks, dolphins and seals, gorillas, a zoological garden and entertaining shows that will be interesting not only for children.

3. Botanical Garden

This is a green oasis that promises the desired coolness and pleasantly diversifies a beach holiday on a deserted and sun-heated coast. It is quiet and calm. In the shade of huge trees, you can find many cozy places, and everything around is buried in the aromas of flowers and exotic plants. The first seedlings were planted in the Botanical Garden of Tenerife in 1792, and now you can see many rare plants, huge collections of orchids and cacti, palm, tulip, and rubber trees.



4. Taoro Park

In the heart of old Puerto de la Cruz, on a sloping hill, Taoro Park is located. It is a perfect place for a leisurely, quiet walk away from crowds of tourists. The green lungs of Puerto de la Cruz are conditionally divided into three zones: the first pride is the observation deck, which offers the best urban panorama in the area; the second got its name in honor of the casino, which is located in the luxurious building of the oldest hotel in the archipelago; and the third zone is the corner of athletes and fans of jogging.

5. Natural pools El Caleton

Surprisingly beautiful reservoirs that adorn the city of Garachico appeared due to the volcanic activity of Montagna Negra. According to surviving records, the first landslides were observed here as early as the seventeenth century. Then the disaster took many lives and almost destroyed a part of the city. The remains of the buildings were buried under a layer of lava. Red-hot streams melted the stone, forming hundreds of small lakes of the original form. The bottom of the reservoirs consists of black stones, which solidified, reaching in a liquid state at a certain moment.



6. Monkey Park

A small but very interesting park in which monkeys, lemurs, guinea pigs, turtles, parrots, iguanas, and other animals live in open space, and therefore, visitors can communicate with them.

7. Guimar Pyramids

This is an archaeological site, which is still quite interesting as an element of ancient Spanish culture. There are facts indicating that the pyramids were built by the natives in the middle of the XVII century. Those who are keen on history will be interested in visiting the ethnological park located here with a museum, photo exhibition, and expositions dedicated to the studies of Tour Heyerdahl.