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How to Leverage Instagram Reels for Your Business


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Reels on Instagram are one of the main ingredients for creating a successful business. With videos that are no longer than 60 seconds, you can build trust between your audience and your brand. A video of a product being used in real life can significantly influence the purchasing decision.

Reels is Instagram's fastest-growing feature, whose popularity has already surpassed video posts, stories, and IGTV in terms of their effectiveness. In 2021, Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram is turning into a video platform and no longer pays due attention to photo content.

With the help of reels, any business can become successful thanks to well-designed videos. An original sound, a voiceover, a popular song, or various filters will help make your video more successful and effective.

How to Create Reels on Instagram

To create an effective video on Instagram, it is important to organize the content and become familiar with all the tools that you will work with. With these tips, you don't have to rely on luck like in an  online live casino and other games of chance. You can be sure that your Reels on Instagram will attract an audience and be effective for your business:

• Create the videos that you need. When opening the Instagram camera, select the “Video” button and you will be given several options: to select an existing video from the library or shoot a new one.

• Decide on audio accompaniment. You can add titles, background music, or a voice-over melody to your video.




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• Add effects and text. We often see how photo editing can significantly change the perception of the person or product displayed in a photo. This problem is solved with product video, as in such a way your audience can be sure that there is no enhancement to the product.




4 Main Ways to Use Instagram Reels for Business

Instagram doesn't have a set template for how to do it, so you have the opportunity to use all your tools and imagination to create a captivating video and increase customer engagement. Despite this, Instagram has several ways to promote your Reels and keep your audience interested:

• Share behind-the-scenes videos. These shots help build trust between your brand and your audience. With the help of behind-the-scenes videos, you can introduce people to your employees, show how videos are created, and the relationship between colleagues.

• Showcase your item or product. Reels are one of the most effective ways to showcase your product. The audience needs to see the product being sold in action.






• Show testimonials from your customers. Positive reviews from your customers would help to create social proof, so your potential buyers can more easily make the purchasing decision.

• Create ads. Since 2021, Instagram allows using reels in advertising. According to statistics, ads posted in Reels have the potential to reach an impressive 10.9% of the total population of people over 13 years old.






Leverage the Power of Reels and Grow Your Brand

When promoting your brand on Instagram, it is important to remember that since 2021, photo content has become less popular and you can attract much more audience with interesting videos. For Reels on Instagram, there are a huge number of features and capabilities that help you interact with your audience correctly and promote your business.

Do not forget that targeting is also very important in brand promotion because the more people see your videos, the higher the likelihood that your product or service will be of interest to the audience.







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