Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking Technique (ASIT)

 Dr. Roni Horowitz


Disappointed with conventional creative-thinking methods?


ASIT, A Revolutionary Creative-Thinking Method,
Will Lead You Step-by-Step from Deadlocks to Breakthroughs

Boost your creative thinking skills, advance your career and improve your financial standing. Join the Ford Motor Company, Intel, Motorola, LG, leading universities and others who already practice creative thinking using ASIT to invent on demand.

Read on to learn more about the exciting ASIT method and how you can learn it and
use it to generate ideas that will make everyone say:

"Wow! Why didn't I think of that?"


Learn ASIT and you'll be able to:

  • Solve problems and invent new products in a way you never thought possible

  • Become a serial producer of bright ideas

  • Be a part of a vibrant, intelligent, creative community that thinks like you

  • Teach others (including your kids!) how to become more creative

  • Win the admiration of your colleagues, superiors, and subordinates

  • Improve your quality of life by injecting creativity into everything you do

The secret behind real innovative ideas are… constraints

Most creativity methods will help you "open up" your mind, use the right hemisphere, freewheel your ideas…

But during my thirteen years of using, developing, researching training and consulting inventive thinking, I've come to the opposite conclusion.

I've found that people become dramatically more creative when they act within a focused, constrained framework.

Take 30 seconds to think about an idea for a new workout instrument. Yes…do it now.

30 seconds later…

Did you come up with any ideas? How many? Were you happy with them?

Let's do that again, but this time think about a new workout instrument that can be used in a car while driving.

Do you see the difference?

Most people report that the flow of ideas, their quality, creativity, and practicality were greatly increased when they were forced to think within the second, narrower framework.


Surprisingly, and paradoxically, the more constrained the situation, the more creative we become

Advanced Systemic Inventive Thinking (ASIT) is based on this simple but extremely important observation. Years of research lead to the development of a constrained thinking environment that is just right!

Through its principles and tools ASIT forces you to think within a focused and constrained environment that leaves you no choice but to come up with practical, ultra-creative ideas.

Your ASIT starter – the "ASIT Premier" course

Now that you've seen how ASIT can help you achieve your creative goals, you'd probably like to know how to learn ASIT.

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