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Bruno Carrera
Carretera Mexico Carretera 5625 Casa 4
Cuajimalpa, DF
Mexico City 05000
Phone: +52-1-55-2922-5451



Dennis de Keyzer BSc. MBA
Vioolstraat 178


Phone: (597)8762912



Examples of THANK-YOU messages

Antigua and Barbuda

I am excited about my first package. Can you please make recommendation from the courses you have for me, that will help me in my church development and expansion? I will purchase it.


I visited your wonderful site and offer you my sincere congratulations. As a more than 22 year consultant and founder of a consultancy in Brazil, and (before that) a 20 years experience of an executive of Akzo Nobel in various countries, I have to state that on strategy, tools of management, modern application of business transformation, etc., I never met a professional and creative approach and presentation as high as in your site.


Here in México we have a very poor entrepreneurial culture and I liked the way you treat this subjects, they look simple but powerful, and I think they will be very well accepted.


I recently finished my MBA-Program at the California Coast University-USA by distance learning. I'm already a part-time lecturer at a Training Company. After reading your site I was really completely amazed and exited. I love training and I always planned to do Business Training/Consultancy for myself. I'm now totally convinced that I don't need to look further. You're Program and Training Approach and System have everything I need to build my own Training/Consultancy Practice. I have now decided to become a devoted member of your Ten3 Program, and want to build a very long lasting relationship...

...I can't tell you how glad and proud I am to be a member of the Ten3 Organization. It has opened professional opportunities for me. I have very recently started my own small training-centre, and the Ten-3 courses and synergistic approach are at the heart of my training program.