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Examples of THANK-YOU messages from Muslim countries



Thank you very much and I hope God will keep you under his blessing


We are truly impressed having your resource base


Huge! Inspiring! Great!


It's just great!


I'm so so impressed!


You are a genius and a blessing to this generation.


Very very interesting!


I've benefited a lot! Thank you!


You helped me understand so many subjects!


Very informative and interesting!

Ikrimah offers business advice to Muslims and non-Muslims who wish to know or use the permissible alternatives business that are and he shows, teaches how to select and apply innovatively the conventional principles from successful business models in their operations without transgressing bounds.

When we present a course or training we combine my modules and deliver a SET but integrated solution that would not be available to either of us, if we never had that collaboration... like thesis and anti-thesis for synthesis. To create a greater value for you!

Many persons misunderstand and mis-apply Islam and this includes Muslims as well as others. It is not surprising that Islam has a businesses best practice and guidance and legality on its usage, which is neither rapacious nor selfish in its application. This may be the easiest way to clear your cultural ambiguities and resolve the blockages in select business channels.

There are many things which seem innocuous to non Muslims which are major issues in Islam and non-awareness or misunderstanding may very well lose you that customer, deal or market.


Ikrimah's video course "Business Islam"



While there are many common practices between us in our business approaches,
IKRIMAHPLC and 1000ventures both do many other of the same things differently... and this is our strength.

Our collaboration presents
the conventional best in class choices available
and common area between them that bridges the divide
that informs your
business strategies Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.