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A Typical Venture Capital Investor





There was this fellow who was on vacation in New Zealand and on the very last day of his stay he had taken his rental car way out in the countryside for a last look around. He found himself on a country lane that got narrower and narrower and soon he saw first one sheep, then two and pretty soon he found himself completed engulfed by a large flock of sheep.

Eventually, he met up with the Sheepherder and said “You have fine sheep there, my friend.”

“Aye,” replied the Sheepherder,” and prize-winners all they be.”
  “Say,” said the traveler, “ are you a sport?”

  “Yes, I guess I be,” replied the Sheepherder.

  “Then,” said the traveler, “if I guess the exact number in your flock, can I have my pick?"

After thinking it over, the Sheepherder said “Well I guess ye can try.”

 The traveler looked hard at the vast flock, stared off at the sky a minute, closed his eyes, and then said “You have exactly 2,373 sheep.”

“Ye bested me, lad,” exclaimed the shocked Sheepherder.

 The traveler walked over to one of the animals, picked it up, and headed back to his car.




“Wait!” shouted out the Sheepherder in alarm. “Ye have picked my favorite animal.

Now be a sport with me, lad. If I guess your occupation, can I have my animal back?”

“Well, I guess so,” the traveler acceded.

Instantly, the Sheepherder said “It’s clear ye be a venture capitalist, lad.”




Startled, the traveler admitted that he was, in fact, a venture capitalist. “But how on earth were you able to come up with that?” he queried.

“That be easy,” answered the Sheepherder. “Out of 2,374 animals, ye picked the only dog."