The Loving Creator created each of us in his own likeness.

We are all loving creators by birth.

Everyone can
be SuperCreative
is s/he really wants to.

  We are all creators. Vadim Kotelnikov, photogram




We create either for fun (Yang)
or "under the gun" (Yin). Or both.






Vadim Kotelnikov

Every person is a creative creature. If your creativity is a Sleeping Beauty, kiss her!

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CREATIVITY 3 LEVELS: Conscious Creativity, Subconscious Creativity, Divine Creativity emfographics by Vadim Kotelnikov  

The 3 levels of your creativity  are
① conscious,
② subconscious, and
③ divine.

It's only when you merge all the three your creativities conscious, subconscious, and divine that you become SUPERCREATIVE.





Stay creative 365/7/24