Managerial Leadership:

Situational Leadership

Situational Leadership* Perceived Positively and Negatively

By J. Kenneth Boggs

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Positive Perception

(Focus on others and for their benefit)

Negative Perception

(Focus on self and for the benefit of self)

Type of Leadership

Leadership Behaviors

Alternate Perception of Leader

Alternate Interpretation of Leadership Behaviors



  • To give a detailed account of; narrate

  • To make known; reveal

  • To inform positively; assure

  • To give instructions to; direct


  • A ruler having unlimited power; a despot

  • A person who wields power oppressively; a tyrant

  • An oppressive, harsh, arbitrary person



  • To persuade another to recognize the worth or desirability of something

  • To attract prospective buyers; be popular on the market


  • To treat in a condescending manner

  • Displaying a superior attitude

  • Having and expressing the power to give favors or support



  • To share in something

  • To partake together

  • Peers


  • To operate or control

  • To influence or manage shrewdly or deviously

  • Secret superior


  • A person authorized to act as another’s representative

  • To commit or entrust a task or power to another


  • To relinquish power or responsibility

  • To no longer care; to separate oneself entirely


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