A corporate credit card, also called a commercial credit card, is issued to employees by established companies or organizations for authorized business expenses such as accommodations and plane tickets. A corporate credit card is a great way to improve a business’ expense management. It allows an employee to spend on business-related items without having to use their personal cash.




A Corporate Credit Card functions the same way a personal credit card does, but with a bevvy of lucrative perks in tow. These perks come in the form of cashback or cash credits, shopping vouchers, complimentary travel insurance, air miles, waived foreign currency charges, and more.
All verified transactions and the annual fee are paid for by the company, although the process of payment hinges on the account’s liability terms.




Corporate Card vs. Business Card

A corporate credit card should not be confused with a business credit card, which also allows employees to pay for business-related items without having to use their personal cash. But these two types of cards have key differences in three areas: eligibility, usage, and liability.





Typically, only large and established companies with an annual revenue of at least US$4 million and annual expenses of no less than US$250,000 can apply for a corporate credit card. These companies must also have at least 15 authorized cardholders to qualify. As such, companies need to be structured and have a good credit score. On the other hand, a small business credit card caters to companies that do not meet the threshold mentioned above.


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