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The Tao of Business Success

"Follow effective action with quiet reflection.
From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action."

~ Peter Drucker

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The TAO of BUSINESS SUCCESS (Ten3 Mini-course)

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Tao – the Law of Nature

Balanced Business

The Tao of Customer Success

The Tao of Organizational Success

The Tao of Innovation Success

The Tao of Managerial Leadership

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1. Tao – the Law of Nature

The Tao (The Way)

The Success Formula According to Taoism

Yin and Yang – the Symbol of Tao

The Five Basic Elements of the Universe

Balance – a Key Element of Happy Life and Sustainable Business  See the  slide

Living the Tao in the East and the West

2. Balanced Business

Balanced Business System  See the slide

Balancing Dynamic Organizational Dichotomies

The Tao of Sustainable Growth

The Tao of Strategic Analysis

Balancing Outside-In and Inside-Out Strategies

The Tao of Balanced Management

3. The Tao of Customer Success

The Tao of Customer Value Creation  See the slide

The Tao of Marketing Innovation

The Tao of Value Innovation

4. The Tao of Organizational Success

The Tao of a Winning Organization  See the slide

Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements  See the slide

Adaptive vs. Unadaptive Corporate Cultures

Kaizen and Kaikaku

Balance Between Structure and Creative Chaos Environment

The Tao of Employee Empowerment  See the slide

The Tao of Leveraging Diversity

The Tao of Knowledge Management

The Tao of Intellectual Cross-pollination

The Tao of Effective Brainstorming

5. The Tao of Innovation Success

The Tao of Entrepreneurial Creativity  See the slide

Lessons Silicon Valley Companies: Dynamic Strategy Formulation

Lessons Silicon Valley Companies: Stretching Innovation Portfolio

The Tao of Business Process Innovation

The Jazz of Innovation  See the slide

Loose-Tight Leadership

The Tao of Experimentation

The Tao of the Jazz of Innovation

The Jazz of Innovation: the Key Components

6. The Tao of Managerial Leadership

Leadership Lessons of Lao Tzu  See the slide

The Tao of Management by Leadership

Leader As Servant

The Tao of Coaching

The Tao of Change Management  See the slide

7. Summary

 Sample Ten3 SMART Lessons  (Slide + Executive Summary)


The Tao of Business Success The TAO of BUSINESS SUCCESS - Leveraging Diversities and Finding the Balance

The Law of Nature

The Tao is the law of nature and the basic principle of universe. It is the law of your true self. Even though you can't perceive it, the Tao is always present, always with you and your business. When you stop being controlling things, the Tao steps in. One of the great steps toward real power in life and business is learning when to speak and act and when to remain still and silent.

Being In Accord With Reality

The Tao teaches you the art of living and doing business. It helps you achieve much more with much less effort. This effortless skill comes from being in accord with reality. You can't tell the singer from the song. You can't tell the dancer from the dance. When you are in harmony with the Tao, when you go with its current  of energy, your innate intelligence takes over, and the right action happens by itself. If you think about it, you lose it. The Tao gives you advice that imparts perspective and balance. It applies equally well to the managing of a large corporation or the running of a small business, to the governing of a nation or the leading a small team, to your personal development or to the coaching of others.

Balanced Growth

Yin: looking at your business from the outside-in; understanding customer perceptions and needs of all stakeholders, and working towards satisfying them; managing operations to create today’s value.

Yang: innovating to create tomorrow’s opportunities; creating new market niches and customers by inventing new-to-the-world products, and mastering venture, competitive, and differentiation strategies

Case in Point:  Silicon Valley

In Silicon Valley, companies challenge the status quo and encourage creative out-of-the-box thinking mixed with pragmatic business judgment. They are  responsive to change (Yin), but selective in accepting requests for change (Yang).




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       The Tao of Business Success

Achieve more with less effort by being in accord with reality



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The Tao of Business Success



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