10 Ways To Get The Edge When Marketing Your Business





In this day and age, itís not enough to simply expect your business to market itself. There was a time when conventional advertising and word-of-mouth would do the job for you, but those methods just arenít adequate in an increasingly competitive environment. If you expect to publicise your company effectively and put the word out, youíll need to find ways to get the edge over your competitors. Here are 10 ways you can do just that.


1. Try human-edited directories

When you think about web directories, you may have a certain image in your head, but that image is likely to be false. A human-edited web directory has several advantages over an AI-generated one: itís much more bespoke, itís spam-free, and search algorithms are more effective. If you want to get the edge when marketing your business, try to submit the website to online directories.

2. Go local

The smaller your business, the more advantageous it is for you to specifically target local demographics with your marketing. You can do this via social media like Facebook or Twitter, trying conventional advertising, or even by reaching out to local influencers to see if they would be interested in a collaboration. Going local laser-focuses your demographic and means your marketing feels more personal. You can use specialized web services to produce brandable merchandise of which can be used in a local campaign, with giveaways and such, ideal for brand awareness.



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3. Maintain a heavy social media presence

If you donít have a presence on social media, then to many people you may as well not exist. Maintaining a heavy social media presence is crucial if you want to reach new customers and market your business. Itís hugely advantageous to you if your social media is witty or constantly generates engaging content; people will organically engage with you this way and you wonít need to advertise.



4. Network

Meeting regularly with your competitors and sharing strategies might not seem like an optimal way to market your business, but by pooling your resources youíre increasing your potential reach. Obviously, you donít want to give too much to your competitors, and itís probably a good idea to search for businesses that donít have the exact same audience you do. Creating partnerships can be extremely lucrative, though.

5. Create and promote great content

Many businesses go wrong when they fail to realise that content is king. You can spend as much as you like on marketing, but if you donít have the content to market in the first place then itís just so much wasted effort. Generating consistently great and engaging content means youíll almost be able to let the work do itself.

6. Maintain a consistent brand identity

If you keep changing your brandís messaging or advertising identity, then youíll alienate potential customers and marketing yourself will be much harder. Decide what your core brand identity is and try not to deviate from it too much. It doesnít have to be too specific; just think about what your brand represents and come up with a simple, straightforward message that reflects those values.



7. Focus hard on visual content

Although written content is definitely an excellent way to spread your brand message and identity, a huge proportion of your audience will likely prefer visual content. Creating videos and Instagram posts should, therefore, be your primary focus. In addition, you can send out marketing pushes to influencers who create this type of content, because theyíll be able to reach audiences you might not.




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8. Emphasise your website

Some people believe that having a website for your business is not important. Those people would be incorrect. Having a website for your business not only drives sales, but also lends a professional feel to your entire endeavour. If youíre only on social media, youíre not commanding the kind of authority that leads consumers to want to access your business.



9. Craft your content for SEO

When youíre crafting written content − as well as content in general − you need to have both of your eyes on SEO, or search engine optimisation. This aspect of your marketing has never been more important than it is now. Good SEO means consumers can easily find your content and that itíll be prioritised above other content on Google (and other search engines), which is very good for you.

10. Consider creating - or sponsoring - a podcast

Podcasts are incredibly popular with people of all age groups. Creating a podcast shows that you have your finger on the pulse of how people consume content nowadays. If you donít want to create a podcast of your own, you could consider sponsoring one. Sponsoring a podcast means youíre giving creators money to do what they love and also gets the word out about your business. Itís win-win!
These are just some of the ways you can get the edge over your competitors when youíre marketing your business. Itís never been more important to stand out than it is now; if your business doesnít immediately grab consumersí attention, theyíll simply move on and find one that does. Donít let yourself be left in the dust and donít allow your dreams to fade. Your business deserves the best marketing you can muster!