Many sites turn to WordPress as their CMS platform of choice. It is a flexible platform that is currently used by more than 50% of websites from around the world. So, why use WordPress?

More Accessible Than Ever

WordPress remains one of the most accessible CMS platforms you can use today. The way the platform is designed allows designers, developers, and even those with no prior experience in developing a site, access to a wealth of features and the ability to create a site in no time at all. In fact, WordPress makes creating a website something you can do in a matter of minutes.



The ease of use doesn’t stop there. The use of plugins and themes means you have complete control over the look and functionalities of the site, all without needing to know how to code or having to dig deep into the WordPress Core. The right theme, for instance, can turn your simple WordPress installation into a directory site.

Even SEO and web maintenance are made easier with the help of WordPress. Once the site is set up, adding content, managing the site itself, and interacting with visitors are all very easy to do. There is no need to get familiar with complicated admin interface or tools that are difficult to use; the left admin menu will take you to the function you need right away.

Better Flexibility

WordPress is also set up for maximum flexibility. There is no site that you cannot develop with WordPress at its core. I have seen a wide range of websites powered by WordPress. Big news outlets use WordPress. Complex web apps use WordPress to offer the best user experience. Even sites that offer custom features and ecommerce outlets are built on top of WordPress.

It is THAT flexible. When you cannot find a plugin that offers a specific function that you need, for instance, you have the option to develop your own. Hooks and calls also make developing custom functions and other elements easier.



A Platform to Last

The biggest strength of WordPress, however, is its community of users and developers. This is a widely used CMS platform; there is always someone to help you whenever you run into issues with your WordPress site.

Bugs get reported – and solved – rather quickly. Security patches and alerts are circulated through user forums frequently too. The more you get involved with the WordPress community, the more you will find managing your site, adding new features to it, and taking it to success to be very easy to do.

So, why use WordPress? Well, the simple answer is: because it is an incredible CMS platform that is here to stay. If you’re thinking about starting a new site, WordPress is the CMS platform to use.


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