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Critical Success Factors for
Technology Business Incubators


Charles L. Stein

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Basic Principles of Technology Business Incubators

Fundamental assumptions of successful incubators


 Focus on Wealth Creation

Return-On-Investment, not Economic Development

Encourage Entrepreneurship Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Building a Business Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, not the Technology

Provide Value to Tenants and Stakeholders

Value Comes in Many Forms

Manage the Incubator More Like a Business Rather than a Nonprofit

Results versus Activities





Best Practices of Successful Technology Business Incubators


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Structure the Incubator to Provide Value to Tenants and Stakeholders

Recruit Tenant Firms With the Highest Growth Potential

Recruit Top Private Sector Leadership to the Board

Facilitate Access to Capital

Become the Focal Point for Technology in the Region

Be "Customer Service Focused" With Both Tenants and Stakeholders

Provide for Adequate Operating Funds

Every Tenant Must Be Held Accountable to Progress Against a Pre-Agreed Upon Business Plan



External Climate and Resources

Critical Mass of Cutting-Edge Research

Corporate R&D Centers

University R&D Centers

Government Research Centers

Effectiveness of Technology Transfer

Access to Capital


“Angel” Investors

Venture Capitalists

Corporate Investors



Non-Conventional Debt

Venture Banking

Venture Leasing

Angel” Banking

Skilled Workforce

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Access to Transportation

Industry Infrastructure

Broad Private Sector Support

Entrepreneurial Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book Culture

Individual Mind-Set

Community Mind-Set

Programmatic Infrastructure



Quality of Life

Industry Base

Affordable & Appropriate Facilities

Business Incubators

Effectiveness Evaluation Check-lists

Four Types of Business Incubators: Comparison Table

Indiaco's Milestone Program

Company Assessment Worksheet

Business Plan Evaluation

Investor Report Worksheet: Helping Tenants Raise VC

Executive Summary Sample: Strategic Incubator Int'l

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Entrepreneurial Success    Entrepreneurial Creativity


8x8 Winning Habits

10 Commandments of Innovation

Leading a Venture    Venture Management

Venture Financing

Creative Marketing

Would-Be Entrepreneur

Reality Check    Be a Negative Optimist

Venture Planning

11 Keys To a Good First Venture    SWOT Analysis

Customer Assessment

Venture Map To Financing

Startup Firm

10 Keys to Success of a High-Growth Startup

Growth Categories of Small Firms

12 Reasons Why Companies Fail

4 Entrepreneurial Strategies

Milestone Chart    Start-up Capital Formation Process

5 Tips for Internet Startups

What Changes as Company Grows

Venture Management

Venture Management vs. Corporate Management

5 Key Risks Critical to the Survival of New Companies

Venture Management Laws

5 Critical Success Factors for New Ventures

Business Plan

Business Plan Basics    Startup Business Plan

Business Model

New Business Models

Select the Right Business Model for Your Startup

New Product / Service Development

Turn Your Inventions into Big Cash Wealth: 10 Steps

Test Marketing Your New Product or Service