Benefits of Mediation

Meditation is a powerful mind tool improves creativity, intelligence, memory, and alertness.  In addition, meditation integrates left and right brain functioning and improves physical, mental, and emotional health.


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Benefits of Meditation for Employee Performance






An Easy Way To Quiet Your Mind

Your brain cannot think while it focuses on two sensory inputs.

When the human mind focuses on two distinct sensory inputs at the same time (an image and a sound, for instance, or breath and heartbeat), it stops thinking.

You can use this knowledge when you need to quiet your mind in order to fall asleep or meditate.


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Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

KoRe One-minute Meditation

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I'm inhaling prana and
I am getting filled with light, harmony and energy.

All my chakras are opening and I am blossoming

I see myself as a joyful, radiant and generous person

I am grateful for everything in my life
and I enjoy every moment of it

I bring joy, harmony and light to this World


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Listen to the Universe

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Lao Tzu advice quotes teachings

Can you step back from your own mind and thus understand all things? Quiet your mind and stop judging and resisting and manipulating the natural way.

Lao Tzu



Ancient Taoist Meditation

I close my eyes... and see clearly...

I stop trying to listen... and hear truth...

I am silent... and my heart sings...

I seek no contact... and find union...

I am still... and move forward...

I am gentle... and need no strength...

I am humble... and remain whole...



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Meditation Insights from the 7 World's Greatest Teachers

Compiled by John Selby

The underlying intent of the original masters was remarkably similar to help people to point their attention toward regular contact with the divine, through opening hearts and souls to direct communion with God by whatever name.

Patanjali watching the breath

Experience breath sensations in nose... also experience movements in chest and belly... I am breathing freely...

Lao Tzu quieting the mind

Observe breathing and heartbeat together... also expand to hear sounds... My mind is quiet.

Buddha accepting the truth

Are you at peace... or suffering?... stop judging... embrace the present situation... I accept the world just as it is...

Jesus awakening the heart

Are you judging yourself?... open to inflow of unconditional love... I love myself just as I am...

Mohammed emotional healing

Observe and accept emotions... have faith... let the feelings heal... My heart is open... to receive... God's healing help...

Gurdjieff self-remembering

Listen to sounds... see everything at once... look to your inner source of awareness... I know who I am...

Krishnamurti experiencing bliss

Give yourself permission... open up to insight and passion... I am here... now... in bliss...