Impactful Presenter: KoRe 10 Tips



PLIMAD: Plan, Imagine, Adjust

If you want your message to hit the target, make adjustment to the wind.

Plan your presentation focusing on benefits  the audience.  >>>

What are your objectives?  To selling a project idea? To sell a product?

What do you want to say, to whom and how?... More





Keep Your Audience's Attention

First of all, Understand EGA of your audience.

Same Reality, Different Perceptions

Promise to tell the audience how they can get something they want.  >>>


Inspire Change

Start your presentation in an unorthodox way, share something extraordinary, tell an eye-opening story.

Communicate with pictures to increase your influence over your audience.

How To Make a Presentation that Inspires Change, Vadim Kotelnikov advice








Outline the agenda knowing your order increases attention.

Never take your audience for granted. People have very short attention span. Not more than 15% of their brain power is required to understand the language and grasp what you mean. Don't let the remaining 85% of their brain to do daydreaming.


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To keep your audience with you, you must build in new devices make your message visual, build anticipation, create a conversation cycle, use role-play practices to keep your listener's mind 100% occupied.

The sound of your voice makes a great difference. Practice projecting enthusiasm. People aren't going to be influenced by a lifeless voice. To see and hear yourself speak, practice your presentation using a video recorder. Then make necessary changes... More


Believe in the importance of your subject and let
your passion show!

People feel compelled to listen to passionate presenters and cannot help but give them their undivided attention.

Passionate Presenter Vadim Kotelnikov







Sales Presentation

When making a sales presentations, don't be a seller, be a HELPER!

Emphasize benefits.

Offer solutions to customer problems.

Sales Presentation: How To Make and Sell Benefits General and Specific


Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

If you want your message to hit the target,

make an adjustment to the wind.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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