One source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book is to diffuse throughout your company the unique, proprietary knowledge about Value Creation, Customers Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, Competitors, Product Development, and advanced ideation techniques that resides in the minds of your employees.  >>>

All knowledge isn't the same. There is explicit knowledge the kind that can be easily written down (for example, patents, formulas, or an engineering schematic). The explicit knowledge can create competitive advantage, but its shelf-life is increasingly brief, as it can be replicated easily by others.

Tacit knowledge, or implicit knowledge, is far less tangible and is deeply embedded into an organization's operating practices. It is often called ' Organizational Culture Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book'. "Tacit knowledge includes relationships, norms, values, and standard operating procedures. Because tacit knowledge is much harder to detail, copy, and distribute, it can be a sustainable source of competitive advantage," says Christopher Meyer, the author of Relentless Growth.




Sources of Competitive Advantage

People    Passionate Team    Serendipity    Trust