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Serendipity: Value for Business

Serendipity is an attitude and aptitude for making unintended discoveries by accident ‒ habitually

Serendipity helps you create unplanned and unintended, but remarkable innovative value by taking advantage of unanticipated, unexpected and unsought information and make accidental discoveries.




Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

Search for opportunities always and everywhere,
and opportunities will search for you.

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There'll always be serendipity involved in discovery >>>

Jeff Bezos


It is entrepreneurial serendipity that teaches how great things could be created unintentionally. It gives hope and support to the entrepreneurs that there could be a great discovery.

Sonam Wangmo




Serendipity as a Source of Competitive Advantage

Developing serendipity as a corporate capability and leveraging it to your competitive advantage will help you to:

Discover new opportunities faster than your competitors

Generate outside-the-box business ideas and create innovative synergies

Turn problems to opportunities.



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The history of discovery is full of creative serendipity. Organizations should allow serendipity to happen, because I believe that all of the magic is at the intersection of disciplines now.

Tom Kelley


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Some of the greatest things have come about by serendipity,

the greatest discoveries.




Three Components of Serendipity

① Having a prepared mind, being ready to make a serendipitous discovery any time

Observing and noticing

③ Being passionate about creating innovative and valuable connections



Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

If you love what you do, love to create innovative value, and keep your mind open, your innopreneurial journey will be full of accidental discoveries.

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Serendipity Tips for Business and Innovation

When an experiment doesn't produce an expected result, don't discard it outright. Ask learning SWOT questions and experiment with the unexpected outcome to see what comes out of it.

Watch people while they are using your product or invention. Be prepared to discover breakthrough opportunities if you see people using your products in a way you never dreamed of.

Notice how disruptive people use or treat ordinary things in an outside-the-box way. Apply a similar mindset to your business.

In partnership negotiation, expect to discover unexpected advantages or benefits incurred due to positive synergy effects of the alliance... More



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Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

To develop serendipity, adopt an attitude of a Loving Creator, keep your mind open, and be prepared to discover entrepreneurial opportunities for value innovation any time and everywhere.

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