The following strategies and considerations are offered for any organization taking on a global citizenship initiative:

Commit. Senior management must be engaged, including the senior managements of your suppliers. Expectations should be set and the program should be put into writing. These activities articulate the commitment.

Create Awareness. The program and its goals need to be continually reinforced, setting the context with employees and the supply base. Develop a website; make the program an agenda item that routinely gets discussed and stays on people's radar screens. It's also important to share and sell the benefits of the program. Your suppliers should know that those who commit to your program will enjoy a larger share of the business.



Communicate and Collaborate. Open communication and active engagement is much more effective than any policing actions. This communication leads to rapid improvement.

Partnering for Success. Partnerships occur on several levels, including a) internal stakeholders (particularly those supplier-facing people), b) supply chain members, c) industry groups, d) government offices, and e) non-government organizations.