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Adapted from: The Centerless Corporation, by Bruce A.Pasternack and Albert. J. Viscio



Five Missions of the Global Core




To formulate a vision  and a set of shared values

To create the most favorable and strongest corporate identity possible in each relevant constituency


To act as a sourcing/disseminating "market maker" to ensure corporatewide access to world-class, low-cost capabilities

To provide "matrix capabilities" in nonmatrix organizations  >>>


To minimize cost of capital and fund growth

Strategic Leadership

To provide the Vision, leadership Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, and purpose for growth

Initiate "outside-the-box" thinking to generate future growth


To exercise control on behalf of the board and the shareholders

To understand and manage the risks of the business

Core versus Center


  • suggests something that is in the middle

  • a holdower of the command-and-control model

  • information flows into it and directive flows out of it


  • suggests a sense of essence and purpose, of heart

  • creates the context for growth

  • ensures that the pieces are in place for growth and that they are working effectively and not clogging up the works

  • sets the tone, while not always beating the drum

  • adds value, not sheer overhead

Global Core Defined

The heart of the Centerless Corporation is the Global Core, which is a revolutionary overhaul of the old corporate center or headquarters. It is:

  • global in the sense that it is responsible for key missions across the entire geographically dispersed corporation;  >>>

  • a core because it is meant to impart value to all of the other elements of the model, and not simply add excessive overhead.  >>>

"When the Master rules, people cannot make note of his existence."  ~ Lao-tzu

The Core is not a Center

The Global Core is not a center because the execution of its missions is distributed across the numerous pieces of the corporation. The global nature of business makes it imperative that companies perform many Core activities close to where they are needed. Technology enables this to happen. The Core's role is to add value where business units cannot.



Lean Structure

The Global Core has a lean structure. It is far smaller than the traditional corporate center and has high leverage in the things it does. The Global Core consists solely of the CEO Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, his or her Team, and only those services necessary to add value to the corporation. There are no centralized services. For instance:



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