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An affiliative style of leadership puts people first, concentrating on creating a harmonious working environment and building emotional bonds. The affiliative leadership style requires lots of empathy and the ability to build relationships through a range of communication styles.

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Leadership is not about shining, it is about helping others shine. 

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An affiliative leader

▪ has a strong people focus;

empathizes with other;

▪ a good communicator in varying situations;

▪ creates harmony;

▪ focuses on conflict resolution, while focusing on the emotional need of others;

▪ has an understanding of the needs of others.




Affiliative leaders tend to offer to help a colleague that seems to need assistance before they even ask for it.

Proactively helping each other is an excellent example of affiliative leadership in the workplace since it underlines that people have understanding and interest in the well-being of others.



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Amidst every crisis, lays the great opportunity. That opportunity will only be possible when my affiliative style of leadership is in place

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