Finding and maintaining the right balance in your body, mind, life, relationships, and business is the key to achieving lasting harmony.





Balance Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are opposing forces and complementary pairs. Problems arise not when the two forces are battling,
but when there is an imbalance between them.

Yin and Yang: State of Success

Balanced Food

Balanced Communication






Balance Giving and Receiving

Your life and business can only be in balance when giving and receiving are in balance. Every relationship is built on this fact of life. He who always gives acts against this principle just as much as he who only takes. This basic truth is valid without exception everywhere where people deal with people.




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Balanced Person

Inner strength comes balancing beliefs and behavior, reflection and action, work and play. Balance isnít an issue of time, but an issue of choice. Itís about living your values by aligning your behavior with what you believe is really important.

Maturity is the balance between courage and consideration. To balance your wheel of life you must balance your family and business life, the present and the future.





Balanced Business

Successful companies maintain balance between revolutionary and evolutionary projects.

Finding a balance is vital. Intuitive managers make right decisions at the right time through integrating and balancing analytical and creative brain management skills.

Business BLISS

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Feng Shui

The purpose of Feng Shui is to balance the flow of energy in your immediate environment to promote harmony, happiness, and success.


5 Basic Elements

Applications of Yin-Yang for Life and Business