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Buzz Marketing

Getting people to talk and write about your brand


Buzz Marketing

World of Mouth Marketing (WoMM)






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Buzz marketing is a technique focused on maximizing word-of-mouth potential for a particular brand, product or service. Devote your efforts towards getting people to talk about your brand, and the media writing about it.

  How To Design and Implement Buzz Marketing Strategy



"One of the most important parts of any buzz marketing initiative is making sure what you're promoting is something that people will want to talk to each other about, rather than try to manipulate the buzz. So it's really about trying to create messages that are interesting enough to spread." ~ Justin Kirby, Founder, Viral and Buzz Marketing Association




Buzz Marketing Strategies

Buzz Marketing, is a viral marketing technique, a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Create messages that are interesting enough to spread.


Examples of Buzz Marketing

Creative Marketing

Marketing Strategies




As a buzz marketer,

Design a unique and impactful campaign that hopefully goes viral and gains great exposure;

Make use of creative content and live promotions to capture attention;

Consider employing influencers and social media to start targeted conversations.




Unique and Spontaneous

Each encounter with a consumer should appear to be a unique, spontaneous personal exchange of information instead of a calculated marketing pitch choreographed by a professional advertiser. 


Virtuoso Marketing

Focus on Emotional Drivers

Artful Content Marketing




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