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Marketing Strategies

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Explore various marketing strategies and create your own winning marketing mix!




Rainbow-of-Marketing intelligence helps you increase your proficiency in marketing strategy through integrating diverse approaches, each contributing to your marketing expertise and competitive advantage.

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing involves proactively reaching out to consumers to get them interested in a product. Key marketing techniques here are curiosity marketing, creative marketing, guest posting, buzz marketing, world-of-mouth marketing, and reciprocal marketing.

Inbound marketing centers on creating and distributing content that draws people into your brand or website/webpage. Key marketing techniques here are search-engine marketing, credibility marketing, empathetic marketing, motivational marketing, and persuasive marketing.

Virtuoso marketing, white marketing, emotional marketing, content marketing, social-media marketing are cross-cutting strategies that are used in both outbound and inbound marketing.

Organic and Inorganic Marketing

While organic marketing is focused on generating traffic to your site or brand over time, inorganic marketing uses paid methods to target, reach, engage, and convert audiences quickly.


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