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The Open-Minded Attitude
is a Luck Magnet





Richard Wiseman conducted several tests and came to a conclusion:

① the open-minded attitude makes people lucky;

② it’s not the luck that makes people “unlucky” but their tension and anxiety, which prevents them to notice the unexpected.

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Richard Wiseman, a British psychology professor, who studied the nature of luck, made an experiment. He gave participants a newspaper and asked them to count the photos all over the pages.





People who considered themselves as unlucky spent around two minutes on average to count all the photographs, while it took just seconds for people who tended to think that they were lucky.

The reason was simple. The “unlucky” group was narrowly-minded focused on counting and didn’t pay attention to anything else.




The “lucky” open-minded ones were able to notice the huge half-page-size message on the second page, which was saying “Stop counting — there are 43 photographs in this newspaper.”

There was also another large message saying “Stop counting, tell the experimenter you have seen this and win $250.” However, the “unlucky” people were so concentrated that they missed both messages.




Bottom line:

Be more open-minded and serendipitous, and you’ll be lucky because you'll see much more inspirations and opportunities around you.


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