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10 Roles of a Manager
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Provide Purpose

Provide a purpose that arouses your team’s spirit and enthusiasm and also creates a values fit for your talented people with your mission.

Provide Strategic Direction

Create and communicate an inspiring vision that motivates people to build jointly a bridge to an ardently desired future and heads all team members in the same direction.

 ❸ Focus on Results
Clarify and stress what results you expect from people  rather than how they should get there. >>>
❹ Lead by Example
Practice what you preach, ‘get your hands dirty’ and share risks and the joy with your people.  >>>
❺ Stretch
Stretch people’s ability; set stretch goals that inspire people to stretch themselves and promise a great feeling of achievement.
❻ Be a HOSTer
Help your people grow and thrive; develop your people through coaching and training; give constructive feedback that inspires people to act; be open to their ideas.
❼ Use Team Approach
Help your people come out with creative solutions; facilitate cooperation and systemic innovation by cross-functional teams; encourage informal and virtual teams.
❽ Empower People
Delegate authority; encourage group decision; avoid close supervision, do not dictate ‒ have faith in the creativity of your people.
❾ Establish Rapport
Communicate openly and honestly; tell your people what you think; have common touch with your people; win their trust.
❿ Provide Incentives
Develop and implement an effective incentive program that motivates people, inspire staff loyalty, raise morale and increase profits. Synergize the three greatest incentives: empower people to do the thing they enjoy doing; use various forms of recognition of people's contributions; provide financial and non-financial rewards.


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