Follow a venturepreneurial action with
SWOT-structured reflection






Strategic Learning

Jump in and treat all successes and failures as opportunities to
learn forward.

Follow a major entrepreneurial action with learning SWOT questions to come up with next-level strategies and actions of a virtuous spiral of growth.

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Strategic Management

SWOT analysis is an effective strategic planning tool. “SWOT” stands for “Strengths”, “Weaknesses”, “Opportunities” and “Threats”.


Entrepreneurial Strategies

Strategic Experimentation




Successful people, teams, entrepreneurs and Businesses

build on their strengths

correct or reverse their weaknesses

spot and maximize the response to emerging opportunities

protect against or overcome threats.




Using SWOT Analysis for Strategic Learning from Feedback

SWOT matrix can also be effectively used as a strategic learning tool for analyzing feedback received from experimentation, beta testing, test marketing of new products and for making strategic decisions.


Examples of Outside-the-Box Uses of Well-known Tools

SWOT Marketing

How To Pitch Six Thinking Hats










Learning SWOT Questions





What went well and why?

What shall we do the same way next time?

What capabilities should we build on and invest in?



Achieve Much More

Reduce Risks





What went badly and why?

What shall we do better next time?

What shall we do radically differently next time? 


Failure as a Stepping Stone to Success

Turn Problems to Opportunities





What went unexpectedly well and why?

Are there any new directions or market niches to be explored?

How can we improve our opportunity discovery capabilities in the future?


Look for Opportunities Everywhere

Entrepreneurial Opportunities





What went unexpectedly badly and why?

Why didn't we foresee what happened?

What assumptions are to be checked?


Critical Thinking

To Know Your Enemies, Become Them








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Every happening brings about opportunities. Adopt an entrepreneurial attitude to discover them!

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