Use a familiar SWOT framework to sell unfamiliar solutions





SWOT Marketing use a familiar framework to sell unfamiliar solutions  

SWOT Marketing is an outside-the-box use of the classic SWOT matrix
selling revolutionary solutions
classic thinkers.




Explain your prospect
how your product will:

Strengths: Increase their existing strength by adding some synergistic value to them;

Weaknesses: Reduce their weaknesses by solving some internal problems;

Opportunities: Create new opportunities by opening new avenues for growth;

Threats: Guard from external threats by reducing them or making them irrelevant.

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Barriers to Overcome

Our brain has certain marketing-specific limitations. It cannot accept a message when it lacks enough or the right kind of information; has no frame of reference; is unable to find a familiar hook to connect the new information to the current state of mind; can't connect the parts of what it is hearing as it has not been provided with an overall pitch structure.




Benefits of Using a Familiar Structure

SWOT Marketing removes all these barriers to accepting your pitch. It provides enough information of the right kind. It has a frame of reference as it uses a familiar structure. It connects the new information to problems and desires of the prospect. It has a clear and familiar pitch structure.


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